Renovation Plumbing

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Custom Homes and Additions

We offer custom home plumbing with design and efficiency in mind.  From the ground up, we place drains in optimal locations, to allow for shorter runs, and less boxing.  We do your job to code, inspected and tested.  We always work with you, and the contractors, to provide solutions, and options, to make your dream home a reality. Pipes properly supported, to reduce noise, from drains, expansion and contraction.  Clean, and neat, no mess, straight plumbing, with proper angles, slope, and configuration to provide optimal function. 

Don't hesitate to call, or ask us to quote your plumbing today! 

Whether you want to remodel an existing part of your house, or even add to it, leave it to us, to solve any plumbing issues.  Whether removing walls containing plumbing, moving fixtures, or adding fixtures. We can provide insight and expertise, through experience, and come up with multiple options to make your plans a reality.  We can almost always find a way to re-route or conceal plumbing pipes, to make your dream renovation, work the way you want it.

When renovating, you may run into old, outdated materials, and plumbing that is not up to todays codes and standards.  There is no sense going to a lot of work, just to cover up an issue, that will cost you more in the end!  Let us take a look, and make sure things are to code, supported, and going to last. 


Cast Iron Piping that is cracked, broken, or 'sinking'

Copper that is rotting out, and thin, or 'pitted'

Undersized Drains and water pipe

Galvanized piping, that is cutting down on pressure, and corroding

Improper plumbing, due to new codes and standards

Venting or lack thereof, to provide optimal drainage

Clean, properly running drains

Proper slope, and fall on drains

Plumbing that has compromised structure (i.e. Cut Joists, beams, supports)