Q. How Much Does  A Plumber Make?

A.  Many people ask this question, and don't completely understand what goes into a plumbers rate.  If a plumber/company charges $70.00 per hour, the plumber himself, does not make anywhere near that. (despite many people believing so) It is no different than taking your car to the mechanic, and they charge anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 per hour (and it's not questioned).  The plumber actually goes above and beyond that, by bringing a truck/tools to you, along with material, as well as his training and expertise.  You must remember that when you hire a licensed, and insured plumber, to do your job right, that the costs involved add up.  The cost of the truck, maintenance, gas, insurance (vehicle and business), tools, taxes, training, bookkeeping, accounting, workplace safety insurance and more all go into the costs, and therefore, the plumber's rate. If you think that the  guy working and sweating away, to help you, is raking in $70.00 per hour, you are mistaken.

Hiring the "Handyman" vs. The Licensed and Insured Plumber

A.  Many people battle this question.  The handyman, who may charge less, and can do some "basic" plumbing, or the more expensive, but safer choice and problem solver, the plumber. The handyman probably doesn't have a clue about codes, and changing rules within the plumbing industry. He also won't be insured, and you better hope nothing happens, because improper plumbing leads to sewer gas, leaks, improper venting, drainage, and worst of all water damage. Many people, and who can blame them, are out save money, and go with what will get them by (they hope).  A plumber, will attempt to do the job properly, and efficiently.  He should be licensed and insured, and there to protect you.  Always gain peace of mind, and hire a licensed and insured tradesman, whether it be HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.

Q. How much does a Plumber Charge?

A.  This question comes up on a regular basis, and it makes sense that someone would question it.  The cost of a plumber varies from company to company, and their policies.  Some advertise flat rate pricing, while others, still run on the time and material format.  Many times the flat rate pricing is good for the inquisitive customer, who would like to have an idea what the cost may be before being surprised with the bill, however many times that price is based upon the "worst case scenario", and is set a tad high.  The bonus to the homeowner would be that the cost is what it is, and whether the plumber takes 1 hour or 3, you pay the flat rate.

Time and Material plumbers, tend to be a little more honest and lenient with the pricing (because they have to know what material actually cost, and not go by a book)  With some jobs, mainly the basic ones, they know what it costs and can definitely give you an idea, over the phone, as long as your description of the problem is accurate.

Example: Flate Rate Cost To Repair a Toilet with a new fill valve, flapper, and braided supply line

Total $180.00

Time and Material: 1.5hr @ $70/hr = $105.00 plus material (Fill Valve $25.00, Flapper $12.00. Braided Supply $8.00.)

Total would $150.00

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